Young Population's obsession with Astrology!

Young Population’s obsession with Astrology!

Astrology – the practice that is going on in India for a very long time. Whether you call it art or science, it very common in India and basically is a part of our religion. Now, most of our young generation believes in Astrology even though they are scientific and rational.

Many young Indians not only believe in astrology, they also check their horoscope everyday either on T.V. or on internet. According to a 2019 survey, in U.S. 75% Millennials (born between 1981 to 1996) believes in astrology and around 65% check horoscope daily. If in U.S. that much number of millennials are following Astrology, then you can assume how much Indian millennials are following this, taking the fact that it is part of our religion.

Astrology has become big a business, both in India and all around the world. For example, Americana spend around $2 Billion on astrology every year. Tarot card reading, palm reading, crystal ball horoscope are also part of astrology and becoming popular.

But how astrology is becoming so much popular among millennials? Whey they are following it even though they are most rational people.

Reasons behind rise of astrology among young people!

Basically, young adults want to know answers of their life questions. Like, would I get a government job or not? What would happen with my business? How will be my love life? And many more questions like these. There are mainly three reasons behind the popularity of astrology among young generation :-

  • Stress – According to a report, millennials are the most stressed generation since 2014. The reasons behind their stress are basically job, relationship or career. Astrology then becomes the answer to their questions about their life. Adults move to astrology to know the answers and relieve their stress.
  • Uncertainty – Uncertainty means how uncertain we are about our future. Basically, young adults want to know about the future, this is natural tendency among humans. We all want to know about our future. That’s where astrology comes. It tell people about their life, when will someone get job or get married.
  • Internet – Years ago, horoscope used to come in newspapers or you have to visit Pandits to know your horoscope. But since Internet and social media comes, it became easy to know horoscope. Many astrology apps are available on play store and apps store to check your horoscope. More and more adults are joining these apps to know their horoscope or to find answers to questions of their life.

How does Astrology helps?

Now as we know that why astrology is becoming popular among young adults but how does it work and help young adults. How it solves their problems? Let’s find out!

  • It removes uncertainty – Astrology tells about the things that could happen in the future or just give glimpse of future. It helps person to know when and how anything will happen. For example, if any astrologer tells you that your, Saturn is in wrong direction and it can affect you job. So if anything happen to your job, then you will be not be surprised. It removed the uncertainty about your job.
  • Put Blame on something else – Let’s take the above example. If you lose your job as told by astrologer. Then you can put blame on your stars as due to their alignment you lost the job. This is how you can put blame on your stars, whenever something bad happens. And same goes for if anything good happens.
  • Gives Confidence – Astrology gives you confidence. For example, if astrologer told you that, this year your results will be best. Then it will give you motivation. In most cases, person try harder if they know about their positive horoscopes.

Negative Consequences of Astrology

Astrology just don’t have positive effects, it also have negative effects. According to a study, people become obsessed with horoscope. They rely on horoscope that much that it affect their nature, mood and work. Like, if you know about the negative thing that can happen on you job today, you may try to not go to office.

One more negative consequence called External Locus of Control can happen. In this, you may feel that anything that happen, happens due to external factors. You have no control over that and that’s totally wrong.

Internal and external locus of control


It is true that young generation is using astrology to face uncertainty, relieve stress. And there’s nothing wrong in it as it is part of our culture. But overuse of anything leads to wrong consequences. So know your horoscopes and astrology but don’t depend or overuse it!

Thank you for reading!

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