Yesterday's Violence just devalued the 2 Months Struggle!

Yesterday’s Violence just devalued the 2 Months Struggle!

Yesterday, even after Delhi Police assigned routes for Farmer’s Tractor Rally, violence broke at different places in Delhi. The things that remained a hot topic was Farmers hoisting a Khalsa flag and Kisan Ekta Flag at a pole & dome of Red Fort. Many people called it as insult of nation and many people justified it.

But the violence that happened at Red Fort and different places of Delhi was not justified. Many visuals show how Police beaten the Farmers and many show how farmers attacked the Police. Even Farmers leaders are condemning the violence and how farmers took over.

The way the flag was hoisted, it give it the look of Sikh protest rather than Farmer’s Protest.

According to reports, around 300 Police men got injuries yesterday and the number of injured farmers is not available. A 27 year old man died during Tractor rally when his tractor overturned. According to some people he got shot by police, that is how his tractor overturned.

Till now 22 cases have been registered for the violence happened yesterday.

When the protest turned Violent!

Delhi Police had already assigned routes to farmers for their Tractor rally before 26 January. But the protest turned violent when farmers broke through police barricades to storm Delhi’s historic Red Fort complex. Many protesters diverted from agreed routes and clashes broke out with police.

Other protesters broke through police barricades and marched towards central Delhi, where India’s parliament is located.

Many protesters were seen driving tractors deliberately trying to run over police. Many police and media persons get injuries due to this.

At many places the crowd outnumbered the police and police struggled to control the crowd.

Places of entry to Delhi and point of clashes.

Here are some visuals from the yesterday’s protest!

First image that broke out yesterday, that shows how farmers tried to remove barricades.
Police used tear gas to disperse Protestors.
Visuals of Police using force to break tractors.

The incident of death of protester due to tractor overturning!

One farmer died during yesterday’s protest due to his tractor overturned. He died at the spot. According to some people present at the spot, allegedely police fired, and farmer got shot, due to which his tractor overturned and he died. Here’s the video of that incident!

Flag hoisting by Protesters at Red Fort!

Yesterday’s hot topic that run by every news channel was, flag hoisting by protesters. According to various news channels, protesters hoisted the flag after removing India’s flag. But this is false.

After entering the Red Fort area, some protesters climbed up and hoisted the Khalsa flag and Farmer Protest flag at a pole. Some other protesters hoisted the Khalsa flag at one of the domes of Red Fort.

Here are the visuals of the incident!

Visuals of a person throwing away National Flag also emerged on the internet! Here’s the video!

Personal Opinion !

So whatever that happened yesterday was wrong and it wouldn’t had happened in the first place. If protesters had followed the route assigned by Delhi police, then the protest would have different impact. It would pressurize the government more.

But the hoisting of flag at Red Fort was wrong either the National flag was not removed. It gave the whole Farmer Protest a different look and position.

The impact that was made on Government in the last two months have become zero now.

So let’s wait and watch how the Government and police will react to the whole incident and what will be the future of Farmer’s protest.

Thank you for reading!

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