What’s wrong with Indian TV Media?

Media is called the 4th pillar of our Indian constitution. It represents public to the government and government to the public. Media does not work for the government. It work for the public. It is the role of media to represent the problems of common man to the government. Media has the right to work freely but today Indian TV media is working under the influence of government. We totally know that it is biased towards one political party. Indian TV media’s value has decreased so much that it ranked 142 in Global Press Freedom Index from 180 countries. In the past, leading indian news channels had debates on the topics that has no link with common man’s life. Except one or two channels , mostly channels do debate on religious topics, ‘HINDU VS. MUSLIM’. But why not topics like hunger, unemployment, crashing GDP, slow economy growth, child labor etc?


Bikau media

The term Godi Media was coined by The Ramon Magsaysay Award winner Ravish Kumar for Arnab and Co. ‘Godi’ in Hindi or Lapdog in English. And its true. They are doing their work according to their ‘name’. Doing the work how the government wants them to! Godi media tries to hide every mistake, every flaw of the government. Recently our GDP growth for first quarter comes and it contracts to -23.9%. and guess what, our Godi media has no debate to do on this topic. They don’t even showing any sign of panic for the country. Most of them are showing news on senseless topics. ‘Sitting in the newsroom, doing debates and shouting at each other and getting TRP.’ They are just brainwashing the common public. Filling them with hatred,rage against each other. This is how Godi media is earning!

Is the whole Indian TV media is GODI MEDIA?

The answer is no. The print media is doing their work right. Many other TV channels and Youtube channels are doing the journalism in a right way. They are showing news on topics like hunger,unemployment,GDP crash, Economy growth.They are being the voice of the common man! Until these kind of media is there for common people, there is still trust in the JOURNALISM!