UP Panchayat Elections- SP ahead, red flag for BJP!

UP Panchayat Elections- SP ahead, red flag for BJP!

The results for UP Panchayat elections are coming out and it seems like the ruling party is not in good position. In the results till now, Samajwadi party’s candidates are leading or are ahead from BJP’s and BSP’s candidates. However, in terms of total seat win, independents candidates are way ahead of political parties supported candidates.

Basically in Panchayat elections, candidates get support from Political parties but they do not contest as representatives of parties. Elections were held in four levels of posts – Gram Panchayat, Gram Pradhan, Block Panchayat and Zila Panchayat.

Even in areas considered as BJP’s strong holds, BJP has not win enough. In Ayodhya, out of 40 seats, BJP won only 8 seat, however SP won 24 seats, BSP 4 and independent 6.

On the other hand, even though BJP performed poor in Panchayat Elections, it is trying to start negotiations with independent candidates to join them and support their chairperson candidates.

UP Panchayat Election Results

From Ayodhya, out of 40 seats, BJP won only 8 seats, SP won 24, BSP 4 and independent 6.

In Mathura, where RSS and BJP was trying to start campaign of ”Krishna JanamBhoomi”, failed in winning adequate seats. BJP won 8 out of 33 Zila Panchayat seats, whereas SP won highest 13. In Varanasi, the SP won 15 seats, BJP won 8 and BSP and independents won 17 seats.

As whole if we see, SP is ahead on 747 Zila Panchayat wards, BJP is on 690, BSP is on 322 and Congress on 77. The biggest winner are independents who won 1238 wards.

The Samajwadi Party states that it has more numbers than BJP in districts like Hapur, Bijnor, Moradabad, Sambhal, Bareilly, Etah, Firozabad, etc, and is giving a tough fight to the saffron party in other districts like Pilibhit, Kasganj, Amroha, Rampur, Meerut, Aligarh, etc.

BJP’s attempt to take support from independent candidates

Now BJP has started contacting those1238 Independent candidates to join the party and help making their own party supported Chairperson.

Even UP BJP vice-president and party in-charge for panchayat elections, Vijay Bahadur Pathak confirmed this. He said that, “Panchayat elections are more about local influential candidates who contest without support of any political party. That is the reason most winners or frontrunners are Independents. We fielded our party functionaries to cultivate grassroots leadership, which holds the key for any political party.”

Red Flag for BJP & Good signs for SP!

This poor performance of BJP in Panchayat elections is alarming to top party leaders. These election results are kind of pre-examination for political parties before 2022 UP Assembly Elections. As, BJP has performed poor, it will definitely try to make strong it’s position.

On the other hand, SP has garnered unexpected numbers with winning more seats than BJP. Now, SP will try to make most of situation and perform better in upcoming assembly elections.

However the state of Congress is not improved in the states. It’s top management will try to improve it’s situation in the state.

Let’s see what will happen in 2022 Assembly election and what parties will learn from these Panchayat Elections results.

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