The 'Chaat' fight from Bhaghpat & 'Chacha' the meme star!

The ‘Chaat’ fight from Bhaghpat & ‘Chacha’ the meme star!

Yesterday a photo posted by UP police went viral from which ‘Chacha got the Bernie’s Sanders treatment. His photo getting morph on everything and anything. Chacha becomes the new meme star overnight.

Actually the UP police posted the photo after it arrested 8 people for street fight. Chacha was one of the protagonist. The video of these people fighting is also gaining a lot views.

Let’s know about the reason behind the fight, who is Chacha & his statement about the fight!

The Chaat street fight!

The fight happened between Harinder Singh ‘Chacha‘ and some new ‘Chaat’ vendors in Baraut area of Baghpath, UP. The matter becomes very hot when 8 people from two ‘Chaat’ stalls start beating each other with iron roads and sticks. Many of them got injured in the fight.

Here’s the video of the fight!

Harinder Singh said that he has been running his business from last 40 years but now these new ‘Chaat’ vendors tell customers that his products are stale and not fresh. He said that due to these new vendors his business is suffering!

“They kept drawing my customers away…they kept telling them come to our shop, his food is last night’s…The customers would return my chaat,” Harinder told to ANI.

“They did this four or five times”. he added before his arrest.

Police officer MS Rawat said, “Two chaat shop owners clashed with each other in Baraut over getting more customers to their stall. Eight people have been arrested from both sides.”

The Meme Star ‘Chacha’ !

Harinder Singh becomes famous meme star overnight due to his hairs coloured in Mehndi! After the famous Chacha from Mirzapur Web series, this Chaat chacha is also getting the same recognition.

People from meme community started morphing his face on other photos and videos. Some of them edited the fight video by adding music, lightsabers and different effects to the video. Hashtag #Baghpat, #Chacha and #Chaat are trending over the twitter.

Here are the memes and videos on Chacha and street fight!

Thank you for reading & watching!

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