Reality of Kids Coding Learning Platform - Wh******Jr!

Reality of Kids Coding Learning Platform – Wh******Jr!

You have certainly seen the ad of Chintu! Where a 9-10 years old boy made an app, and their is fight between investors outside his home. Ad shows how a kid made an app and foreigners are ready to invest in his app! Now, you surely know about which coding learning platform I am talking about!

You surely have seen ads on T.V., newspaper, social media about this platform. They show how a young very young student developed an app by learning coding from their platform and also earning a package worth crores. Then they put across a message saying, ”Your child can do this as well”.

Several companies have surfaced in the market these days that not only target young kids but also play along the insecurities of the parents. They put fake and misleading ads through which they sell courses and earn money. The courses are also not premium or different. They are already available freely on the internet!

Misleading Ads –

These companies show many misleading ads to influence parents and kids also. They totally know how much Indian parents are insecure about their kids future. In on of the ad on social media, they claimed that one of their student Wolf Gupta got the package of 150 Cr. rupees. The truth was, their is no kid named Wolf Gupta. After getting trolls and reaction from public, they removed this ad.

Another wrong thing they are doing is, attracting kids towards money. Through the ads, they deliver the message that if your age kid can get package of 150 Cr., they you should too! And for that you should join our classes.

Also in different ads, the age of same kid is 9, 13 , 10. The claimed package is also different in different posts. See upper and below photo!

How Salesman fools people!

The company had given full power to salesman to use anything or any name to influence parents to buy the services. They are allowed to say anything to influence parents. They claim to have partnership with Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other big companies, which is a lie. Their Salesman claim that after leaning coding from their platform, kid can make apps like Swiggy and Zomato!

They claim that kids can meet with Bill Gates, Sonam Wangchuk and other famous people after completing some classes or courses. Following is an example of the marketing by their salesman :-

Incompetent Teachers –

Theor teachers are also not mainly from coding background. They are just given scripts to read out to kids. They basically don’t know all the terms use in coding and languages. In many videos on Youtube, these teachers don’t know the differences between Java and Javascript. Example of this is below –

Locked Platforms –

These companies give their tablets to kids, so that kids will get stuck to only their technology. They don’t want kids to go to internet and use search engines. Old generation software are provided in the tablets to just make a bubble so that kids don’t use any other platform.

So, in a nutshell, beware of these platforms and companies. They just want to earn money money from you! If they really had good services, they don’t need to run misleading ads and make false claims!

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