Punjab Municipal Elections 2021 - Congress wins big!

Punjab Municipal Elections 2021 – Congress wins big!

Municipal elections in Punjab held on 14 February saw a high 71.39 per cent voting. The results for the elections for 109 Municipal councils, Nagar Panchayats and seven municipal corporations announced today. Result for Mohali M.C. will be announced tomorrow as polling on booth 32 & 33 held today.

The results came in favour of Congress it clean sweep all Municipal Corporations in state’s local body polls. Congress won 7 out of 7 MCs and the result of Mohali corporation will come tomorrow.

The results of 80 municipalities came till now in which congress won 65, SAD 5 and others lead 10.

Stats on Seat Numbers and Participation of Parties

The vote counting is underway for 2215 wards and 109 Council Nagar Panchayts. Around 9912 candidates participated from which 2832 are independent, 2037 participated from Congress. Congress has biggest chunk of participants among Official parties.

BJP and SAD didn’t came into alliance or Municipal elections. SAD has 1569 candidates and BJP fielded 1003 candidates. Also, the AAP fielded 1606 candidates in the election.

Congress’s big win Municipal Elections

Congress showed it’s power by winning 7/7 Municipal corporations which result came today. These corporations are Moga, Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala, Abohar, Pathankot, Batala, and Bathinda. Most stunning and shocking result is of Bathinda M.C. as Congress never win it’s election in last 52 years. And It came as shocker to BJP and SAD.

Congress is also winning big in Municipal Councils as it has majority in winning seats. However in some places Independents candidates are ahead of Congress, like in Sri Anandpur Sahib they won all 13 seats.

Opposition parties have accused Congress for ”capturing booths;; and ”indulging in violence”, according to PTI report.

Reason behing BJP’s setback!

The biggest and only reason behind BJP’s setback in Punjab’s Municipal polls is Farmer’s Protest. BJP didn’t even manage to win any big Corporation or Council and even the big leaders and their relatives are losing from different seats.

Farmer's Protest - How it exposed Govt. and Media!

Farmer protests is mainly lead by Punjab, Haryana and western U.P. The deaths of around 150 people happened till now in Farmer’s protest. The choice of people for Municipal elections can be seen through the result of Municipal Elections.

Let’s see what result come for the Mohali M.C. tomorrow.

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