One year of Delhi Pogrom! How and Why it happened!

One year of Delhi Pogrom! How and Why it happened!

Last year, during these days violence happened in Delhi. In this violence which 40 people died, more than 200 people injured and a heavy economic loss. This violence mainly happened between Hindu – Muslim mobs. Mostly, Muslims were the targets in this violence.

The violence of Delhi, 2020 brings back memory of 1984 riots against Sikhs in Delhi and the 2002 Gujarat riots against Muslims.

So how this violence started, how it took this much dirty form and how it can be called a pogrom!

How the Delhi Violence, 2020 started!

On Sunday, February 23, Kapil Mishra, who lost election in Delhi, focused his anger on the Muslim women blocking road and protesting against CAA, NRC in North Delhi.

On that time, then USA President Donald Trump was on India visit. So, Kapil Mishra on 23 Feb., said to the protesters that if they don’t clear roads before Trump leaves, his supporters will clear the roads after Trump leaves. There is video available of Kapil Mishra saying it.

This speech from Kapil Mishra charged the Pro-Hindu Mob which eventually resulted into the clash between Muslims- Hindus at Maujpur-Babarpur Mtero Station.

Then this violence spread across the near areas and neighbourhood. In Bhajanpura, a petrol pump was set on fire, in Gokulpuri, shops were vandalised. Both CAA supporters and CAA protesters involved in the violence.

In many areas, shops and homes were vandalised, Mosques and Temples were stone pelted and even Schools were damaged in these riots.

After these incidents, Delhi Police woke up and it tweeted about imposing Section 144 in affected areas. But still the violence carried on till 26 February.

Then the NSA Ajit Doval was made in charge and the situation improved till the evening of Wednesday, 26 Feb.

So, the Violence was one sided?

Definitely not! People from both sides made the violence strong and worst. Both Hindus and Muslims were charging on each other groups, houses and shops. Both groups were involved in vandalising public property.

Riot, Communal Violence or Pogrom?

These above incidents can be describe as Riots, Communal violence or pogroms. So, Pogrom is a special kind of riot with three characteristics:-

  1. Mob attack is either approved or condoned by authorities.
  2. It is against the persons and property of a religious or racial minority.
  3. Motivated by a political ideology.

So from the above definition, we can definitely say that Delhi Violence of 2020, was a Pogrom. Because Delhi police was surely doing very little to control the riots. And in some clips, police was pelting stones with mobs, vandalising cameras. Secondly, it was against one religion- Muslim. And thirdly it got motivation from BJP’s ideology.

Also, no big leaders from the same party condemn the hate speech of Kapil Mishra. Many leaders were asked question about the violence but they simply ignored those questions. Not even PM or Home Minister condemn the speech.

Why things may not get better?

The situation in India about the riots may not get better because the political parties in a way get benefit from the riots. According to a research, after an riot the vote share of BJP get up by 0.8%.

This is because the riots make public polarized and this results into BJP’s core supporters remaining with it! If the BJP makes it’s political ideology in center or we can say properly secular, then it has to compete with other parties with same ideology like Congress. Whereas if it makes it’s ideology in the right or Pro-Hindu, then there is no competition against BJP. This result into increasing vote bank of BJP.

The contributor to the situation getting worse is the inability of Opposition.


The last year’s Delhi violence surely dented on the image of the country and like the violence of 1984 and 2002, it tell us the situation in the country had not changed since so many years. The unrest between different groups is still there.

Also, both groups suffer from such unrest. Many people lost their lives from both sides. Their families are still suffering from the loss.

This image depicts the situation between Hindu-Muslim in todays India

Most importantly, even after many attempts of social peace, the unrest between Hindu-Muslims prevails.

Thank you for reading!

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