#Modi_Rojgar_Do! Problems with India's Govt. Jobs System!

#Modi_Rojgar_Do! Problems with India’s Govt. Jobs System!

Two days ago, lakhs of students started a hashtag trend named #modi_rojgar_do on twitter. This trend started to raise voice against unemployment in India and also to tell about the problems in govt. job exams.

Students who trend the hashtag specifically expressed different kind of problems in the SSC exams. They also talked about, why their are very less vacancies issued every year against the higher need.

The reason behind the trending hashtag can also be the false promise of 1 crore job in 2014 and also the privatization of many govt. owned organization, which decrease the no. of jobs.

Let’s know about the problems in SSC exams and other govt. job exams and overall problems in job system of India!

Issue raised by students for Govt. Job exams –

Students raised many issues that they face regarding SSC exams and other exams. But mainly they raised the following issues –

1) Extra Exams

The SSC CGLE exam is conducted in 3 tiers. Means if you qualify in 1st tier then you have to give exam for 2nd tier and same with 3rd tier exam. So basically, if you qualify in 1st tier exam then only you can give exam of 2nd tier.

But in CGLE 2019 exam, this rule was adjusted. SSC said that the tier 2 and tier 3 exam will held in some days gap. Meaning a student who passed in 1st tier has to give exam of both 2nd and 3rd tier without knowing the result of tier 2. It means student who would not pass 2nd tier exam has to give one extra exam.

2) Marks Normalization Issue

SSC conduct exam of CGLE on different days and question papers are different on all days to minimise cheating and paper leak possibility. So, with different exams, the difficulty level is also different. To equalize the student’s marks, SSC use a formula of normalization.

SSC’s formula of Normalization

But students think that the tier 2 exam of Nov. 18, 2019 was easier than Nov. 15 and 16. So, SSC reduced 80-100 marks from Nov. 18 exam’s result and added 30-80 marks from Nov. 15,16 exam’s result to normalize result of students.

Students think that this time, the normalization was way to extreme and it affected the real result of many students.

3) Lack Of Transparency

SSC didn’t told about, why the normalization was too extreme. Also it didn’t publish the marks of CGLE 2019. It only told about whether a student is qualified or not!

This create confusion in mind of students, because it didn’t tell about whether a student passed due to real merit or due to normalization. And same happen with one who didn’t qualify.

4) Late Results –

Another issue raised by students is that the results are not declared on time by SSC. In several cases, the exams were conducted in 2018 but their results have not been declared even until now in 2021.

This only causes uncertainty to students who appeared for 2018 exams. They have to appear for every year’s exam thinking of whether they will qualify in 2018 exam or not!

5) Lack of Waiting Lists

There is no system of waiting lists in SSC Exams. To understand this let’s take an example that A student passed SSC CGLE exams with 90 marks and B got 89 marks and didn’t qualify. So if student A don’t want to join and leaves then his post is not given to next best candidate i.e., candidate B.

This leaves the post unfilled and vacant and it will only be filled in next year’s exams. This means even after getting 89 marks and being the next best candidate, he will not get the job and need to apply & qualify next year’s exam.

6) Wrong Questions

Many times, questions publish in SSC exams are wrong but it is not the responsibility of SSC to tell students about it. Rather students have to tell SSC about the wrong questions at the cost of β‚Ή100 per question.

7) Decreasing No. of Vacancies

Other issue raised by students is that the no. of vacancies is decreasing in different government organization even after their is need of employees. Here is the picture showing the number of vacancies issued between 2014 and issued in 2020. You will see how much number of vacancies has decreased!

Solutions for the Issues –

So the solutions to some of the problems are very easy and govt. can fix them if have right intentions. Like, Conducting exams on time, Declaring results on time, Job postings on time, Creation of waiting lists. Also, the exam should be conducted on same day if practically possible.

On the other hand some problems are bigger, like unemployment. Government should make long term strategies and it can only possible if the public raises the voice for this. With pressure of public, government will do something to fix long term issues. So stay awake, and raise your voice for betterment of society in any way possible!

Thank you for reading!

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