J C Bose - Real Inventor of Radio & Father of 5G!

J C Bose – Real Inventor of Radio & Father of 5G!

Do you know who invented radio? Your answer will be Guglelmo Marconi. In 1896, he sent radio signal from one point to another and won a noble prize for his contribution.

But the reality is before Marconi’s invention, radio waves’s successful demonstration had already happened in India. But the inventor didn’t get proper credits. Not only radio but also millimetre waves, which make 5G technology possible were used in his experiments. The scientist who invented all this was an Indian, Aacharya Jagdish Chandra Bose, The father of Wireless communication.

Let’s know more about life and his experiments and invention!

Life and Education Of J C Bose –

Jagdish Chandra born on 30 November 1858 to Β Bama Sundari Bose and Bhagawan Chandra Bose. Bose’s education started from a Bengali school, because his father believed that one must know mother tongue before learning any other language. Bose graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

He then went to London University to become a Doctor but left due to health problems. He then joined Physics and conduct his research there and then returned to India.

After returning from London, he became professor of Physics at just β‚Ή100 per month salary. Despite racial discrimination, lack of funding, tiny labs, he carried on his researches.

Researches and Inventions!

Bose successfully conducted research on remote wireless signalling & that was first ever experiment on wireless signals in the world. This wireless signalling is the basis of radio, remote control, WiFi and 5G. He was the first to use semiconductor junctions to detect radio signals.

Even Marconi, inventor of radio used Bose’s invention to make radio and patented it immediately. But Bose’s thinking was different. He believed that science should be for everyone and due to this he didn’t registered patents.

He even showed his inventions in his classes so that students can learn and can make further researches and developments in the field of science.

Plants can feel like us!

J C Bose made numerous invention in the field of Plant Physiology. He was first to say that like us, plant can feel and have life in them. He claimed that like we feel happiness, sadness and range of other emotions, plants have those emotions.

To prove his claim, he conducted many experiments. One of them was, dividing his lab in two parts and putting healthy plants on both sides. He then used to curse plants everyday on one side and play classical music, talk to plants on other side.

And after some days, plants on one side started to wilt & dry and on the other side plants were healthy & growing faster.

He invented theΒ crescograph, to measure plant response to variousΒ stimuli, and thereby scientifically proved parallelism between animal and plant tissues.

Crescograph invented by J C Bose!

He made many other researches and inventions which contributed a lot to the field of science.

So next time if some one asks, who’s your favorite scientist? You can answer J C Bose!

Thank you for reading!

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