India's Growing, Personal Database Business!

India’s Growing, Personal Database Business!

In India a new multi-million dollar industry is booming and what that industry is? It is India’s dark data industry where sale-purchase of our mobile & personal data happens.

Through this industry your personal data reaches to different companies and they market their products/services to you or try to scam you.

Let’s know about how this industry works, who are the users, how your data reaches the users and something more!

Users of the Data

The most common users of personal data are sales companies and scammers. But it also includes parents, relatives who want to see the activities of someone.

One of first users of personal data were parents who want to keep an eye on their children. They used some apps which provides someone’s phone call history, browser history, photos at cost a cost of β‚Ή1000-2000. Today these kind of apps got upgraded and also show someone’s social media history also.

Providers of Data

So how can a sales company or scammers get your personal details? These details are provided by Data ‘Brokers’, who sell data in bulk. In today’s time you can ask for any kind of data like data of car owners, credit card holders, professionals, students, job searching people.

The data can include, Name, Address, Mobile No., Email ID etc. Also the data they provide is mostly genuine and real.

A image depicting data base business!

So how can you find these Data Brokers? Basically they work online and have websites and sell data through websites.

Also when these Data Brokers get databases, they organise data in a more organised for the ease of users.

How your Data reaches Data brokers?

So the question here is how your data reaches Data brokers? There are different ways through which your data reaches brokers.

  • First is the company you get registered with. For example, you gave personal details to a job company to get yourself register. But that company can now sell your data to broker or any another company in exchange of money.

The most common leaker of data are employees and technical teams who handle customer databases of company. They include Bank employees, Hospital employees, Credit Card employees and car dealers. They sell your data to another company or Brokers in exchange of some amount.

  • Second way through which your data reaches data broker is poor security systems. Like in 2019, data of 1 lakh Aadhaar card get leaked due to unprotected systems of attendance. Also, data of around 3 Crore job seeker of India had leaked on Dark Web.
  • Third is use of fake websites to collect data. There are lot of fake websites available on internet that are built for sole purpose collecting data. Fake websites of Flipkart, Amazon, Facebook, are available on internet in which when user fill their details, their data get leak.

Uses of Data

So know you will think what is the use of your personal data. The data is used for two purposes which are

Marketing– This is the most common use of Personal data of some specific users. Companies want this data to target you for their products and services. Like when you register a domain, next day you will get a lot of calls from Web Hosting companies who want you to purchase their services.

Frauds & Scams- Second purpose of using personal data is to fraud people. Many companies or fraudsters use databases to scam people or to earn money.

Most common fraud is Bank fraud. In which fraudster calls the person and tell about your address and date of birth to earn your confidence, then ask about CVV of credit/ debit card and OTP to scam you.

Political Campaigning – Sometimes your data also used for political campaigns by different parties or to get your trust towards a leader. But this is very uncommon in India.

Most Valuable Database!

Most Valuable database in India is student database. This database is also called Gold Mine. Many Colleges and Universities purchase student database to call students and their parents to get admission in their colleges or Institutes. They also provide many offers to lure parents for their children’s admission in their college.

Thank you for reading!

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