India sees a second wave of Corona Virus! Lockdown again?

India sees a second wave of Corona Virus! Lockdown again?

Yesterday, India recorded 81,441 new cases of Covid-19 in India and this clearly point out at the beginning of second wave of virus in country. After 5 months of decreasing cases in country, corona virus came back. Even after the vaccination drive going on, cases are rising at alarming rates.

Comparing to the last year’s increase in cases, second wave cases are rising at more inclined rate. On the other hand, no. of deaths are not increasing at last year’s rate. But it can increase because there is often delay of 2-3 weeks between increase in cases and increase in deaths.

Also, the new cases of second wave are reported from just 8 states and among them, Maharashtra is worst hit by Covid-19’s second wave.

How this second wave came in India and why were the number of cases declining from last 5 months. Also, will India see another lockdown? Let’s know!

Why were Covid cases decreasing from last 5 months?

When the European nations were seeing second wave of Covid-19, India’s cases were declining. After peaking in September 2020, Covid cases started declining and it happened until March 2021. But how the cases were decreasing even after there was no lockdown in the country?

Image showing peak of cases in November and second wave starting from February.

Though, there is no definite answer behind it but scientists suggested some theories. These theories explained why the numbers of Covid cases declined after September 2020 in India.

  1. Scientists believe that, Indians have better immunity. Due to less cleanliness, Indians developed robust immune system to fight Covid-19 and other diseases as compare to European countries.
  2. Another theory is, that India’s climate resulted in declining of Covid cases. As India has hot and humid climate comparing to European countries where climate is cold, cases there increased and in India they declined.
  3. India has young population, that can be the reason why India reported less cases and deaths comparing to European countries.
  4. Some experts say, Indians followed mask rules and other regulations. Due to this cases declined here.
  5. Experts also proposed that, 65% Indians work outside homes. Some studies show that, most infection spread indoors. That can be how, Covid cases declined here in India.

Why second wave of Covid now?

After 5 months of declining, Covid cases again started rising in February. It officially started the second wave in the country with most cases coming from only 8 states. Still now, their is no definite answer available behind the second wave in the India. Still some experts suggested some reasons why cases started rising after declining for 5 months.

  1. First reason suggested by experts is, that Indians become more careless and have stopped wearing masks and maintain social distancing. To some extent it can be true.
  2. Another reason can be the mutation in the virus. It can be the mutation that cause rise in cases in India. Although mutations are more infectious but are less deadly. You can know about the mutation and how it happen from the blog below!

Another lockdown in the country?

As the number of cases are rising in the country, can another lockdown be imposed? Are lockdowns even successful or help in stopping the rise of cases? India’s last year’s lockdown was unsuccessful. Even after imposing lockdown at very early stage, cases keep rising and they stop rising in September, when lockdown was not even imposed in the country.

The negative effects were more than it’s positive effects. Migration of labourers and workers happened at high rate in the country, people lost their livelihoods, millions shut down their business, unemployment rose, education got affected, GDP fall rapidly. In short, lockdown was disaster.

Many people believe that lockdown was unsuccessful due to it’s poor implementation. And it gave good result in European countries where lockdown was implemented in better manner. The first lockdowns were successful in European countries but unsuccessful when implemented during second wave.

Comparison of countries when they firstly implemented lockdown

So what’s the solution if not implementing lockdown?

Solution other than lockdown!

So, if lockdown is not the solution then what is? Solution is very simple and it was told to us many times. Simply just wash your hands properly, wear masks, practice social distancing.

Another solution is to increase the speed of vaccination. Vaccination is the ultimate solution against any disease. Also, government should increase the hospital numbers and bed numbers to accommodate more patients.

These all solutions will not affect anyone’s business, job or mental health. So government should make rules and regulations keeping in mind the negative and positive effects of them. We should also follow all the norms regarding covid-19 to keep ourselves safe.

Thank you for reading!

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