India China Standoff 2020

India-China Border Standoff Issue 2020

Since start of May, their have been skirmishes between soldiers of India and China over border area. These hand-to-hand fights had been going on near disputed region of Pangong lake and near the border between Sikkim and the Tibet Autonomous Region. Skirmishes between India and China had been happening since many years. The problem behind this is the unclear definition of LAC between both countries. This problem had tried to be solved by both the countries from time to time. But it ended with no solution to it. Also China use a policy of 10 km intrusion, 6 km retreat. That’s how China tries to capture land. Which resulted into standoff between both countries.

Border issue of Pangong lake

Due to demarcated boundary line between both countries, both country claims some regions. That results into creation of an overlapping region. One of them is Pangong lake region which is around 10 km in area. And here are 8 finger areas. Finger 4 to 8 is claimed by both countries. Where both countries’ armies patrol. Also every 2-3 years, reports of clash between them comes. And since the Indian army had upgraded its weaponry and infrastructure in the area, the frequency of patrols by Indian army had increased. Which results into frequent conflicts with Chinese army.

Pangong Lake Area

First conflict in 2020 was reported on 5 May where Chinese army had reported to occupied areas between finger 4 to 8.By the end of August it was reported that China has occupied 65 square km. in this area. In July 2020, Indian Navy was called in to match the presence of the Chinese Type 928 B vessels at the lake.

Border issue of Galwan Valley-

In Galwan valley China had intruded into Indian territory for around 2-3 km. And they had set their positions on mountains. In Galwan valley there had been no disputed area. Both countries have same perception for border area. But still Chinese army had intruded and they actually claimed Indian territory. The Chinsese troops can overlook the road from Shyok and Darbuk until Daulat Beg Oldi. They have big military advantage. They can stop India.

On 15 June clash between Indian and Chinese armies goes on for 6 hours. The fighting resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers of 16th Bihar Regiment including its commanding officer. According to Indian media sources, the mΓͺlΓ©e resulted in 43 Chinese casualties. The Chinese post that was destroyed by Indian troops on 15 June was reconstructed by 22 June, with an expansion in size and with more military movement. This results into the Indian Army deciding to equip soldiers along the border with lightweight riot gear as well as spiked clubs.

Galwan Valley Area

Border issue at other areas

In area of Hot Springs, China only tried to distract and disturb Indian Army. This area is not much of a military benefit to China as in the case of Galwan. Tracks in satellite imagery suggest that PLA troops make forays into Indian territory here just to disturb them. According to Indian media reports, on 10 May, there was a minor skirmish between Indian and Chinese troops in Muguthang, Naku La, Sikkim. Soldiers from both sides were injured.

Reaction from Indian side!

Diplomatic Reaction – From time to time Indian diplomats and Chinese diplomats had talks regarding the issue. All these talks were unsuccessful. Some Indian military sources said that India was still unclear with China’s demands. China makes unreasonable demands which make difficult to come to any solution. But in the third round of talks, China-India comes to some solution. Following the talks, it was reported that Chinese vehicles were seen withdrawing from the Galwan clash point, as well as from Hot Springs and Gogra.

Indian people Reaction – Since the news broke out of China’s intrusion and deaths of our soldiers, wave of boycott Chinese product is running in the country. In response to the border skirmishes, Sonam Wangchuk appealed to Indians to use “wallet power” and boycott Chinese products. Imports from China had declined, Made in India movement is running. Many Government departments cancelled projects with Chinese firms. Many business houses cancelled their projects with China. Sale of Chinese products had decreased.

Mobile Applications Ban– On 29 June 2020, Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, ShareIt, Shein and others. And again on June 5 ,Government banned 118 apps including the big name PubG. These apps were banned due to security concerns. And also apps banning gave a big blow to China.


India and China can’t change their borders. They will always be neighbors. So both countries should try to maintain peace and harmony. Both should resolve their borders issues with each other. Both countries should help each other in trade and technology.

Only by uniting we can make this World a better place.

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