How Second wave of Covid-19 exposed the system!

How Second wave of Covid-19 exposed the system!

Second wave of Corona Virus is on peak and it had exposed the healthcare system of the nation. More than 3.46 lakh new Covid cases came till 9 AM today. This is the new record of highest cases from a country. The number of people died during same duration is 2624. There is acute shortage of oxygen in Delhi, Maharashtra and other states, many injections are not available in the market, Black marketing of Injections, medicines and oxygen is happening.

There has been several incidents of death of patients in hospitals due to low oxygen pressure or unavailability of oxygen.

Also, the picture of Corona we are seeing in the country can be more dangerous. As underreporting of data of deaths have been done by many states. The official data of deaths is very less from actual data.

But how our nation has caught up in claws of Covid-19 so badly. And how even after one year of Corona, our healthcare system didn’t improve and has collapsed so badly. Let’s know some facts on Covid-19 and how it exposed our system!

Second wave of Covid-19

The Second wave of Covid started appearing after Mid March when Maharashtra was reporting highest Covid-19 cases. But slowly it start affecting the whole country. Now Delhi, Maharashtra, UP, Karnataka are among the worst hit states from Covid-19.

With increasing cases, load come on Hospitals and healthcare workers. This time cases are increasing at so much higher rates that healthcare system get overwhelmed with the response. Beds are not available for public and even for healthcare workers. Doctors and nurses are not available in required numbers.

There was acute shortage of medical oxygen in Delhi and Maharashtra. Still now, demand cannot met with supply even after may industrialists are producing oxygen for the country. Main reason behind low supply is not production, it’s transportation.

On the other hand, there is shortage of Remdesivir injection, the injection that is used in serious cases of Covid-19. It is being sold for more than 4 to 5 times it’s cost in many states.

But the good thing we can see, is people are helping each other by spreading messages and needs on social media. People are helping each other either through social media or even physically.

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Under Reporting of Deaths due to Covid-19!

In many states, the official data of deaths by Covid-19 is not matching with the actual data. In many states, the real death toll can be around 5 to 10 times more than reported officially. According to a report by NDTV, the death toll due to Covid-19 in Bhopal was 37 on 8th April, and for the same day, the death toll of M.P. was reported 27. How it can be possible that just one crematorium’s data is more than state data.

Election Campaigns amid Covid-19

Elections were held in West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. As you know, elections bring lot of rallies by leaders from different parties. Same happened this time even after Covid-19 was there. This time rallies were also held and even after Covid-19 was going on, very less precautions were taken. Even in many rallies in Assam and West Bengal, PM Modi himself was not wearing masks.

In West Bengal, from last couple of days, the Covid-19 has growth rate jumped from 200% to 400% per day. But, HM Amit Shah said, Corona is on peak in states where rallies are not being conducted.

Decrease in Covid-19 tests in Election held states – During election time in states like West Bengal and Assam, the testing rate decreased by half. Let’s have a look at data of 1, October, 2020 and 5 April, 2021. In West Bengal, 43,854 people were tested on 1 October, 2020 but on 5 April, 2021 only 26,174 people were tested. In Assam, testing was 39,780 and on 5 April it was 17,605, less than half.

So is it right to say, that testing was slowing down to keep election rallies on track?

Steps taken to Improve the system!

However to cope with the second wave of Covid-19, many steps have been taken. Like, to supply Medical oxygen, government has started Oxygen express to supply oxygen to states having shortage. Many industrialists, like Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Naveen Jindal are supplying oxygen from their plants, free of cost.


We all are seeing the current situation of Covid-19 in our country and it is very scary. People are losing life without any treatments, acute shortage of beds in hospitals, shortage of oxygen, medicines is there. But still there is hope that on day we will win over Covid-19. But till then, keep yourself safe and wear mask, and follow every instruction issued by government.

Thank you for reading!