Haryana Heroes's Martyrdom Day

Haryana Heroes’ Martyrdom Day

Every year 23 September is celebrated as Shaheedi Diwas in Haryana. In the memories of those people who had sacrifice their life in the defence of Haryana and the Nation. The day is a regional public holiday in the state. The day is a tribute to all soldiers and martyrs of the state, on the death anniversary of Rao Tularam, a freedom fighter during India’s first war of independence in 1857.

Rao Tularam

Rao Tularam was born on 9 december 1925 in Rampura suburb of Rewari in an Ahir family to Puran Singh and Gyan Kaur. He was young when his father died. Rao was king of Ahirwal, areas of Haryana and Rajasthan. He was one of the key leaders of 1957 Rebellion. With his brother’s help ,he made a force of 5000 soldiers, who fought British forces. But at the end they lost the battle. Rao had to shift to Rajasthan and then he asked for help from Iran, Afghanistan and Russia. He died at the age of 38 due to an infection that spread throughout his body.

Rao is still living in the memories of people. Many organisation,institutions, hospitals have named after him. People pay tribute to him and other martyrs on this day.Government of India issued a postage stamp 23 September 2001 featuring Rao Tula Ram.

Celebrations and Tributes

Although this day is a holiday in Haryana. But the Government of Haryana and government institutions pay homage to martyrs on this day. Every year a function is conducted at the War memorial in the John Hall ,Civil line in Gurgaon.At the function, Police personnel give a salute put their gun up side down as sign of homage. People from all walks pay floral tribute to martyrs and war heroes. Also, a two-day Shahidi mela is held annuallyat Rampura suburb of Rewari city to commemorate the death anniversary of Rao Tularam.