Everything you need to know about Disha Ravi & her Case

Everything you need to know about Disha Ravi & her Case

On Saturday, 21 Year old Climate activist, Disha Ravi arrested by Delhi Police from Bengaluru over alleged sharing of ‘Toolkit” posted by Greta Thunberg. The toolkit that Greta shared, according to her, could actually help the ongoing farmer’s protest.

But many pro-government twitter users and Ministers said it is anti-national and will harm India’s sovereignty and integrity. They also called that it is designed by Pro-Khalistani organisation, Poetic Justice Foundation.

According to Disha’s legal team, during her trial in court, she wasn’t provided with legal counsel. Also she has to argue her own case against the magistrate.

Let’s know more about the whole case, about Disha Ravi and what lacked during her trial!

About Disha Ravi –

Disha Ravi, 21 year is a student of Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru. Disha actually works as climate activist and also co-founder of India’s Fridays For Future (FFF), a climate movement started by Great Thunberg. It’s members are mostly School children and mostly young college students.

She join climate activism after seeing her grand parents who are farmers. She also gave support to Farmer’s protest due to this.

Disha Ravi’s file photo!

Due to her participation in climate activism for India’s climate crisis, she had featured in many international articles.

In a Vogue article over climate activism, she said, ”The fact that you would choose to listen to a white person on the same issue rather than a person of colour, to me, is environmental racism.”

Disha Ravi’s ”Toolkit” case!

Disha Ravi get arrested by Delhi Police from Bengaluru and brought to Delhi without any transit remand from Bengaluru’s court. She was arrested on Saturday from her home on the charges of sedition and conspiracy.

Charges on her – Police said that Disha was a key conspirator in spreading the toolkit and helping in revive of the Khalistani group. Police also alleged that she was in touch with Pro-Khalistani group Poetic Justice Foundation to spread disaffection for India.

But against this charge, Disha said in court that, ”I did not make Toolkit. We wanted to support the farmers. I edited two lines on February 3.” She denied being part of any conspiracy.

Ravi was sent to 5 day police custody, yesterday.

According to Disha’s legal team, she argued her own case before the magistrate. She was not provided with legal aide.

But police said that, if activist have no one to represent in the court, there is no fault of Police in it! Also, they said that she was provided with legal aide in the court.

News regarding the ‘toolkit’ case!

Now, Delhi police has procured a non-bailable warrant from local court against lawyer-activist Nikita Jacob and Shantanu in connection with allegedly sharing ‘toolkit’.

Nikita Jacob file photo!

Let’s see what happen next!

So what’s your thought on the arrest of Disha Ravi. She did something wrong by sharing the toolkit? And was her arrest right? Tell us in the comments!

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