E-Commerce and its Impact!

E-Commerce has seen a huge growth in this era of internet, and also taken the share of traditional business. Everyone have a mobile phone today and internet too in it. Let us assume we have to buy a mobile phone. Firstly we will check the prices online and then check that mobile phone from the market. Now mostly we see the prices online are cheaper than market. So as a customer we’ll choose online medium for purchase. Like us, many people do the same i.e, purchase from online platform. So does it affect the traditional market like shops,malls ?

Impact on Local Businesses!

Answer is YES! It totally affects the traditional market. E-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart are affecting the business of local markets by cut-throat competition. They had completely eliminated some of the businesses. For an example we take mobile shop owners. Their business had seen a downfall since Mobile companies had listed their products online, selling directly to the customers. But on the bright side it is providing a platform for many small businesses providing them a chance to sell their product throughout the country. It has also helped in reviving the handicraft industry.

So for the local businesses it is both good and bad!

Impact on Customers!

E-Commerce has just make it easy for the customers to buy. Now customers can buy anything by just sitting at home, doing their own stuff. They don’t have to step out of their home to buy anything. More product options at less prices. Customers can return or exchange the product if it has problems or they didn’t like it. Also now E-commerce websites are providing product at fastest delivery. What else can a customer expects? Everyday E-Commerce companies try to make it more easy for their customers. They introduce extra discounts, less pricing on festivals, special occasions. But sometimes customers don’t get what they expect, sometimes they get scammed, they don’t get their value for their money. But not every case is like this.

Customer is the one that get maximum advantage from E-Commerce !