Common things that binds Lahore & Delhi Together!

Common things that binds Lahore & Delhi Together!

Many consider Delhi and Lahore as ‘sisters’ due to the similarities between these two cities. Now they both are in different countries but at point of time, these two cities were ruled by same Empires. These Empires contribute into the look-a-like architect of the cities, same kind of food, language and history.

After independence surely some changes come to both cities but still the soul of these cities is same. Let’s have a look at the similarities that binds Lahore and Delhi together!


The old architectures of Lahore and Delhi are same and Mughal Empire contributed a lot in making many same monuments both in Delhi and Lahore. Lahore and Delhi have very similar iconic landmarks and almost identical iconic monuments. Here are the pictures showing the look-a-like monuments of Delhi and Lahore.

Lahore’s Badshahi Masjid & Delhi’s Jama Masjid!
Lahore’s Delhi gate & Delhi’s Lahore gate


After Independence, many Hindus migrated from Pakistan and came to India. In similar way, many Muslims migrated to Pakistan from India. Those people started the foods and recipes they brought from home land. And that’s how many dishes are same in Delhi and Lahore.

The flavours and meats of Anarkali Bazaar, Lahore can also be tasted in alleyways of Old Delhi.

There’s a lot of dishes that binds Lahore and Delhi together including Nihari, Biryani, Chaat, Halwa, Chhole-bhature and many other dishes.

Cultural Influences

Both Lahore and Delhi have a shared love for Theatre, Cinema, Music, the Arts, Sports. That resulted into the birth of some of the subcontinent’s greatest Poets, Musicians, Intellectuals, Sportsperson. This include the names of Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Asif Iqbal, Rudyard Kiplings, Mohsin Hamid, Amrita Pritam, Khushwant Singh. These all artists are shared pride of both Lahore and Delhi.

Shared History

Both cities had shared common Mughal past, Punjabi past and British Past. The centuries of common history pales the seven decade old divide. With Mughals ruling for around 300 hundred years, both cities developed a lot, both cities’ architecture looks same, and also the food have many similarities. The same impact comes during the times of Sikh Empire and British Empire.


As partition changed course of two cities, still people of Lahore and Delhi share same kind of Values and Aspirations. When an Delhite visits Lahore, it feels like home to him and same in other way.

Another things is, due to overnight partition, there are still people who born in one city and now living in other with memories of birth cities with them left.

Surely many of you have your ancestors either from Pakistan or India. So tell us in the comments the stories your grand parents told about partition or their home town!

Thank you for reading!

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