Baba ka Dhaba controversy?!

‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ Controversy?!

Last month we saw, how a video by a Youtuber and the power of social media helped the old needy couple of ‘Baba ka Dhaba”. After that video, they got so much support and donations from public and celebrities. But now ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ owner Kanta Prasad alleges that Youtuber Gaurav Wasan, who made their video had cheated on them and didn’t gave them money received from donation on their name. Let’s have a look at this whole matter!

Baba’s Side –

Kanta Prasad claims that Gourav firstly gave his bank account details to get donations and also he got donations worth Rs. 20 lakh. He alleges that Gaurav have money in his and his family’s accounts instead of giving it to Baba. Baba says that he only got check worth of Rs. 2,33,677 from Gaurav Wasan. He claims that Gaurav has embezzle the money came for donations.

Also, He filed a police complaint against Gaurav for Embezzlement of money. He alleged cheating, mischief, criminal breach of trust, criminal conspiracy by Wasan.

Youtuber Lakshay Choudhary also made video on this matter and alleges Gaurav Wasan had sought online scam.

Lakshay Choudhary’s Video on this Case.

Lakshay in his video also says that, Gaurav was changing his statements regarding the money matter. He was also not clearing about how much money he had given to Baba or how much he got from donations.

Gaurav’s Side –

Gaurav claims that all the allegations made on him are wrong and untrue. He said that the h had given all the amount of donations to Baba already and he does not owe anything to Baba. He says that Some people are priming Baba to do all this against him.

Gaurav cleared that he gave cheque worth Rs. 2,33,677 to Baba. He also said that he had given 45,000 paytm cash in form of cheque to Baba and did Rs. 1,00,000 NEFT to Baba’s account. He shows his account statements to various news channels and said that he gave all the donations to Baba already and doesn’t owe Baba anything.

Source video by NDTV


Both the parties in this case are trying to prove themselves right and proving other party to be wrong. Ans with this people are in support of both parties according to their thinking. But one thing for sure, how this all started in a good way, and how it is ending in such a wrong and bad ways.

Baba’s attitude is totally changed now. In one video he is saying that they didn’t ask Gaurav for help. He came by himself.

Baba should not give this kind of statement and should thank Gaurav, whatever the scenario is right now.

This all matter will change the mindset of people and they will think twice before helping any poor person.

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